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Product and Services

SHEL is proud of the state of art services that we offer, because of its highly experienced and talented work force. We also have an in-house research and development team that keeps on researching and updating our processes with the latest technological developments. Our time- bound project completion and outstanding services is what defines us today, in the market place. We have collaborations with the leading firms in the International market. Our services today are best in terms of fabrication, erection and commissioning of power plant and infrastructure equipment.

We provide an array of services that has both a back end and front end to provide better solutions to our customers. Our mission is to provide our clients with professional Consulting and Civil, Structural and Architectural services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

EPC/turnkey projects
  • Total EPC Package upto 300MW
  • EPC for Highway projects
  • EPC for Urban Development Projects
  • EPC for Balance of plant package up to 660 MW
  • Sugar plant with co-generation of 30 MW
  • Storage sheds
  • CHP bunker belt extension
  • Raw water/LP piping system
  • Fuel oil system
  • Sub-station up to 220 kV/ 400 kV
  • RAPDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program)
  • Civil, Structural and Architectural works up to 800 MW
  • Civil works of Hydropower Plant
  • Staff Quarters / Colony, School Building, Rest House Building
  • Storage sheds
  • Raw Water Reservoir, Ash Bund, Sub-Stations, Switchyard
  • Construction of Highways
  • Fabrication & Erection of Heavy Structures upto 800MW.
  • Structural works of Material handling systems.
  • Erection of boilers and auxiliaries up to 800 MW
  • Erection of HRSG
  • Erection of TG and auxiliaries up to 800 MW
  • Complete installation of sinter plant
  • Hydro-mechanical works of hydropower plants
  • Fabrication and erection of raw water piping system
  • Fabrication and erection of chimney flues up to 500 MW
  • EHV transmission lines up to 132 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV
  • EHV sub-station of up to 132 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV
  • Erection, testing, commissioning of power transformers up to 200 MVA
  • C&R panels
  • SCADA system, PLCC equipment, HT capacitors
  • Construction of control rooms for EHV
  • Construction of heavy consignment roads for carrying out transformers and other equipment of up to 250 MT
  • Earthing system for the entire sub-station
  • Sub-transmission lines for 11 kV, 22 kV and 33 kV
  • Sub-stations for 33/11 kV and 22/11 kV up to 10 MVA rating
  • Erection, testing and commissioning of pole-mounted and plinth-mounted distribution transformers up to 630 kVA rating
  • Distribution network including UG cable from 1.1 kV up to 33 kV
  • Super heater and re-heater coils
  • Economizer and LTSH coils
  • Water wall panels
  • High pressure parts bend
  • Structure of TG, bunkers and boilers
  • Technological structures for power and process industry
O & M
  • Renovation of boilers and auxiliaries.
  • Repair, modification and rehabilitation for boilers
  • Pressure parts, milling system, rotating parts and ducting.
  • HP/LP piping works.
  • Operation & Maintenance of CHP
  • Repair, Replacement of ESP Components
  • In-house facilities for Radiography (RT)
  • In-house facilities for Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • In-house facilities for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
  • In-house facilities for Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT)
  • In-house facilities for Hardness Testing (Digital)
  • In-house facilities for Heat Treatment
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