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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“Transforming Steps of Social Returns”

"If they [companies] believe they are in business to serve people, to help solve problems, to use and employ the ingenuity of their workers to improve the lives of people around them by learning from the nature that gives us life, we have a chance."
-Paul Hawken

At Sunil Hi Tech Engineer’s Ltd, conceptualization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been imbedded around the golden proverb of Paul Hawken. It is the core value of our good governance & corporate citizenship.

We believe that enabling people to ensure their participation in the process of development and economic growth is critical way to break the vicious cycle of Poverty & discrimination. As part of our CSR initiative we have dedicatedly undertaken initiatives in education, healthcare, Agronomy and financial assistance to underprivileged communities in the vicinity across Maharashtra.

‘Sudharatna Charitable Trust’ a sister concern of Sunil Hi Tech is rigorously working with poor communities, farmers and underprivileged section of the society in the region of Parbhani District to fulfill the niche of “Social returns to the communities” of Sunil Hi Tech Engineers Ltd. Nevertheless Sunil Hi Tech has also forayed in collaboration (Public Private Partnership) with Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India to directly ripe benefits of welfare programs supported by the ministry to the most marginalized strata of our society.

Sunil Hi Tech has started SDI centers (Hi Tech Skill Development Institutes) under the flagship program of MoRD to support BPL youth aged between 18 to 35 years to acquire employable skills in construction sector further linking them to regular employment. This project has been launched as pilot project in Mouda, Koradi, Gadchiroli and Trioda Districts of Maharashtra with a clear expansion plan of covering more than 10 districts of Maharashtra and 10 districts of Chhattisgarh latest by financial year 2014-15.

SHEL is involved in a lot of CSR activities, which include regularly interacting with the underprivileged and understanding their social and economical needs. We have also taken up various steps in order to look after their education, medical and farming facilities. We have also tried our hands in creating employment opportunity for the lower strata of the society in many regions, especially Marathwada. Spreading of awareness amongst the farmers regarding the new farming methods being developed is also a part of our CSR activities.

Health Care Initiatives

Promoters of Sunil Hi Tech, through its Charitable Trust (SudhaRatna Charitable Trust) has been actively engaged in facilitating heath care services to the poor community in Parbhani Districts.

Sunil Hi Tech has launched a 10 Bedded Hospital in Parbhani District to cater medical need of people in the region.

We regularly conduct medical camps (Cancer & Other disease treatment, Eye Check up and Blood Donation) for community wellbeing. The company has also providing ambulance services to all its workers at its plant site.

Farmer Awareness Programme

We regularly conduct seminars/awareness programs to enable farmers in the vicinity to have access about latest farming techniques, crops, seeds and fertilizers etc.

Farmers are being trained about water conservation with an emphasis on rain fed farming practices, multi crop production further linking them to market access. We have facilitated farmers to form associations to negotiate better MSP (Minimum Support Prices) for their crops and support them to federate further for direct inclusion in financial system with banks to avail credits.

Empowering Differently Abled

We firmly reject the notion of being disable rather we advocate being “Differently Abled”. At Sunil Hi Tech we have been rigorously working to support people with different abilities to ensure they are empowered enough to sustain decent life.