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SHEL is equipped with up-to-date technology and the latest in power and infrastructure equipment. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company driven by highly trained and experienced personnel, most of whom are Engineering Graduates. SHEL has at its disposal, an array of Civil, Structural and Architectural equipment – designed and fabricated to simplify end-to-end customer needs thus improving efficiency and optimizing the value proposition offered.


    Crane American 9310 (300 ton)
    45 Tons Link Belt LS108 Crawler Crane
    40 Ton Mobile Crawler Crane
    18 Ton Tata P & H 320
    14 Ton Hydra
    12 Ton Hydra
    08/10 Ton Hydra
    Poclain L& T
    Excavator PC 130-7
    Batching Plant
    Water Tanker 8000 Ltr.
    Gantry Crane
    Tractor Hin, Mahindra, M. Fergu
    Concrete Pump
    Bar Bending M/c.
    Bar Cutting M/c.
    Pipe Bending M/c.
    Vibratory Roller
    230 Tons Monitowoc 4100 W
    150 Tons Sumitomo & Monitowoc &
    Demag Crawler Crane
    136 Tons Sumitomo Crawler Crane
    130 Tons Monitowc 3900W
    125 Tons American 7530 Crane
    120 Tons Lima 1200C Crawler Crane
    100 Tons Link Belt LS418, Lima 1250 SC,RB61B, American
    Monitowac 3900 Crawler Crane
    80 Ton Kobeico 880 S
    75 Ton Tata P & H, Link Belt, Tata TFC & Lima Crawler Crane
    70 Tons Lima 7070C & SC75C, Monitowac, Zoomlion QUY 70
    68, 60 Tons 955A, Lorain, Lima65C, American7250, Monitowac3500, Crawler Crane
    55 Tons P&H 550, Lima 65 C
    50 Tons Kohering550,
    Truck Trailer
    Trailer with Horse
    35 Ton Mobile Crane 335
    25 Ton Tata P & H 325
    20 Ton Tyre Mounted Crane- Telescopic
    Plate Bending Machine 40mm
    Tube Bending Machine
    Electrical Winches (1 Ton-15Ton)
    Hydraulic Test Pumps
    Air Compressors
    Crusher Plant
    Transit Mixer
    Concrete Boom Pump

    Welding Generators (K-320/45)
    Welding Rectifier 450/600A
    Welding Transformer 400/6A
    Submerged Arc Welding M/c
    Co2/MIG Welding Machines
    Diesel Power Generator

    S.R. Equipments
    Ultrasonic Machines
    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Radiography Source Camera
    MPT Equipments