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Mr. Vijay Gutte

Vijay Gutte,
Whole Time Director
Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd.

An MBA with specialization is Marketing and Finance, Mr. Vijay Gutte brings into the company up-to-date knowledge in his areas of specialization. His competencies lie in his expert understanding of Banking, Finance, Taxation and last but not the least, the Airline Industry. To his credit, he has completed various projects in these fields, thus helping build the prestige of the company.

Since his induction to the company in 2007, he has transformed Sunil Hitech's Finance Vertical into a highly robust process. He continuously monitors end-to-end transaction quality to analyze the defects and their causes and identify remedies for the same. Mr. Vijay Gutte has been responsible for investing in web-enabled capabilities to connect with vendors, customers, employees and managers.

In 1998, it was established as Sunil HiTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd, and has since then progressed in enabling India with innovative solutions for power, construction and infrastructure industries.

The company today has been able to explore several avenues because of Mr. Gutte's dedication and understanding about finance and business, and his ability to draft and implement supportive developmental policies. The company has undergone many strategic revolutions due to perseverance of Mr. Vijay Gutte.

Mr. Gutte has timely assisted Sunil Hitech in developing human resources. Along with technical expertise, he has ensured technological advancements for the company to meet the growing demand of industries in India. He also initiated several changes in reporting standards, management structure, HR- policy and decision making for Sunil Hitech to pioneer success.